Terms & Conditions

By entering into this the user declares that they have the legal and mental capacity to understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions in the full extent. The participant further agrees to indemnify Eduvision from any liability related to the promotions, competitions and Competitions (hereinafter “the Competitions”) to the full extent permissible by the law, including, but not limited to the matters below. This Competition will be governed by the laws of the Republic Namibia.

  • This Competition is exclusive to Namibia;

  • This competition is open to individuals who are permanent residents or citizens of Namibia, aged 16- 19 years, with a valid Namibian ID document. This excludes Eduvision employees, their advertising agencies, sales agents and their immediate families.

  • This Competition will commence on the 7 th of June 2022 and ends on 7 August 2022;

  • This Competition applies only to videos sent in through WhatsApp within the competition time.

  • Winner needs to follow the Eduvision Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages.

  • Winners will be notified and verified telephonically on the cellular number used to enter the competition. Following three (3) unsuccessful attempts to make contact with a drawn winner, the prize will be awarded to the next eligible . Each entrant is obliged to enter the competition using a phone number that is owned by and registered to that entrant. No person can use another person’s phone number for competition entry purposes. This is to avoid fraud and possible litigation between the phone owner and the entrant;

  • A total of Eight N$4500.00 (Four Thousand Five Hundred Namibian Dollars) cash prize will be given away, That will be shared between not more than 3 Students.

  • The winners will be chosen within 5 working days from the end of the competition. The winners will be notified within 48 hours of the relevant draw, subject to verification.

  • Winners will have 48 hours to submit their identification documents to claim their prize. If a winner does not comply within the stipulated time, they will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be drawn and the terms and conditions set out herein shall apply thereto.

  • By entering this competition, all winners may be requested to sign a release form allowing Eduvision (and/or its agents to publish their photo and/or names in the media without payment or compensation.

  • By entering this competition, you consent to Eduvision contacting you regarding future campaigns and promotions.

  • Eduvision reserves the right to withdraw or amend this promotion, including prizes, in the event of any unforeseen circumstances or factors beyond its control, at any time in its sole discretion.

  • The competitions will be determined as one video per student. You are however alowed to feature in 2 other videos if you are more than 1 person in the video.

  • Entrants must insure that all information provided is correct, complete and up to date;

  • Eduvision will not be responsible or in any way responsible for any costs or fees incurred by the participant in entering the Competitions, and will not refund any such costs.

  • Eduvision shall not be liable for any Damages resulting as a result of participation, nor shall they be held liable for any claims resulting from circumstances beyond their control, or caused by Force Major. Eduvision holds the right to alter the terms of, duration and prises of the Competitions at any time without any prior notice due to any unforeseen circumstances or unknown legal implications that may be brought to the knowledge of Eduvision without incurring any liability by such actions;

  • Unauthorised use of any creatives or information used in the Competitions shall incur both civil and criminal liabilities, and Eduvision will not be held liable to any claims made by any unauthorised person or Third-Party;

  • Eduvision will not be liable for any Tax implications from claiming prizes;

  • Eduvision will have full and final decision on any dispute resulting from the Competition or any aspect thereof, such decision shall be binding, final and not be open to any challenge, review or legal proceedings;

  • No member of Eduvision, their Affiliates nor any member of their family will be eligible to enter into any Competition on the Platform, nor will they be able to claim prizes.

  • All participants agree by entering into the Competitions that Eduvision may use in their own discretion any information provided by the winner of the Competitions to display or use in Advertising campaigns relating to the Competitions. This includes, but is not limited to statements, photos, videos, names, personal details and images of their likeness, to the full extent permissible by the law, and will retain the full right to use such information;

  • Eduvision will be held harmless for any other fees that may arise, including any legal fees incurred.

  • Prises can be abandoned or repudiated; but cannot be transferred, exchanged or substituted or in any other way awarded except in the way prescribed by Eduvision;

  • The winner of the Competitions may be required to complete any necessary and related legal documentation prescribed by Eduvision before the prize can be handed over to the winner of the same;

  • All participants have the duty to familiarise themselves with any and all additional terms, policies or links provided by Eduvision, or any Third Party provided terms and policies before entering the Competitions.

  • The participants hereby acknowledges that Eduvision will run and administer the Competitions, and any sponsors or endorsements cannot be held liable for the administration thereof; Eduvision will not be held liable for failure or non-performance of any sponsors or endorsements.